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Bingo Cookies

Cookies Policy

How we use cookies

Cookies are simply used to store all of your theme and tracker settings via local storage. These settings, if allowed by the user, are initialized to default values but can be customized by, you, the user. Without use of cookies them only the default (Gray) theme can be used.

Are your cookies shared?

No, we do not share your cookies. Only you can share your cookies by using the "Export Theme" option in the settings. This option takes your settings and compiles it into a JSON file that could be shared to others who could them import them to theirs.

Disabling Cookies

You can prevent cookies by adjusting the settings on your web browser (see your web browser Help for how to do this) or by going to your settings and disabling them.

Cookies that are Used

Below is a list of the cookies used and what they are used for.

Cookie ID
cookies (essential)
Determines if other cookies should be allowed or not, which can be adjusted in your settings.
The version of the stored theme. This is used to know when themes are updated as newer versions may not be compatible with older ones.
All of the theme properties.
All of the setting properties in themes. These properties are usually non-colors. e.g. false, true, 2, 50%, 100%, …
All of the tracker properties for a game. Where <game> is the abbreviation for the game. e.g. tracker-mm = Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Your current site Cookies

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