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Bingo Change Log

Changes to Bingo

Version / Date
v1.6 09/03/24

Fixed some issues with the popout tracker:

  • Fixed popout goals that use an ampersand (&) in the name which is replaced in the url as the word "and" but wasn't changed back when displaying. Which would make tracker settings, if they exist, not apply to the goal.
  • Previously a row of items would span 100% of the width. For some of the items goals this could cover the entire goal making it impossible to click and cycle though the goal colors. Now it only spans enough width for the items within it.
  • When Shift + Left Clicking to remove a full row of items the last remaining row cannot be removed to prevent removing all items from the goal.
  • When Right Clicking to remove items, all but one can be removed to prevent removing all items from the goal.
  • When consolidating items the selected items become dimmed.
  • When consolidating items if no items are selected then consolidation will not happen.

Added some new shortcuts for the popout tracker:

  • Shift + Left Clicking can be used to remove the goal name.
  • Shift + Right Clicking can be used to reset the goal name.
  • Shift + T can be used to toggle displaying tags on the popout.
v1.5 24/02/24

In battleship once a ship is sunk hovering over the display for it will highlight it's goals.

v1.4 22/01/24

Added an option to include Standard Mode for the Popout Card Tracker.

v1.3 21/01/24

Various Changes:

  • Fixed a bug in battleship where if ships where not set, the URL would still have the parameter as null instead of removing it.
  • Updated the Return button in battleship setup to clear previously set ships if they exist.
  • Created a new class GoalTracker for the popout tracker information that gets added to goals.
  • Updated the Popout class to use the new GoalTracker class.
  • Added Popout Card Tracker for Blackout, Battleship, and Exploration.
  • Added Uncosolidate items for the Popout Tracker.
v1.2 unknown
Didn't start change log until v1.3.
v1.1 unknown
Didn't start change log until v1.3.
v1.0 unknown
Didn't start change log until v1.3.